From the 2011 MIMA Summit, October 11-12 in Minneapolis. Presented by the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (

Chris Anderson presented the afternoon Keynote address at the 2011 MIMA Summit. This interview followed his address on the growth of the "Freemium" business model.

As editor-in-chief of Wired mag­a­zine, Chris Anderson is one of the most knowl­edge­able, insight­ful and artic­u­late voices at the center of the new econ­omy. He con­sis­tently under­stands before anyone else the new direc­tions the econ­omy is taking and then names the cen­tral phe­nom­e­non, giving us han­dles for the busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties they represent.

With his New York Times best­seller The Long Tail, he named the rise of the niche as a pow­er­ful new force in our economy—why the future of busi­ness is sell­ing small quan­ti­ties of more things to the few people who want those things; how all of those small communi­ties together make up a vast market poten­tial, and how the effi­cien­cies of dig­i­tal and web tech­nol­ogy make it possible.

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