This priceless bhajan by Master is beautifully sung by Gurmel Singh in this video:

"Karo Man Guru Charano

Karo man Guru charano se prit, Guru charano se prit
Karo man Guru charano se prit (2x)

O mind -love the Feet of the Master, love the Feet of the Master.

Ye sapno ka jal suhana, ye duniya hai fen basera
Chala chali mele me, sanjh dali aur ukhara dera (2x)
Vartman hotajata hal, pal pal yaha aut. ..Karo ...

This snare of dreams is charming. This world is the shelter for a night.
In this unsteady world as the evening approaches, the tent is struck (unpitched)
Every moment the present is becoming the past.

Nokar chakar that bat ye, bhari tijori me ye maya
Pran pakheru ud jae to, sath nahi jati ye kaya. (2x)
Sabhl chlta par rakhkar aate, gut sambandl mlt ...Karo ...

All the splendor and servants, the safe filled with wealth, remain here.
When the bird of life flies away, even this body does not go along.
All the friends, relatives, and sons leave you on the funeral pyre.

Rat andheri rah ajani gehri nadiya nay purani
Sote sote bit gae yug, ab to jag are agyani (2x)
Vighan vinashak Guru Naam hai, jivan ka sangit. ..Karo ...

The night is dark, the path is unknown. The river is deep, the boat is old.
Ages have passed in sleeping -O ignorant one, at least now awake.
The Naam who is the remover of obstacles is the Music

Lohe ko sona kar deta, itna pavan Naam tumara
Pal me Satdham ja pahuncha, jisne man se tumhe pukara (2x)
Kirpal Ajaib ke sada sahai, janama-janam ka mit ...Karo ...

O Lord, Your Naam is so pure that it turns iron into gold.
Whoever calls on You from the heart gets to the True Abode in a moment.
Kirpal is ever helping Ajaib. He is the Friend of birth after birth. "

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj conducts Satsang, Punjabi and English.

Both Masters Ajaib and Kirpal made a clear point of not copyrighting or reserving rights for any of their works/Satsangs in any format. Recordings were made over many decades by a wide variety of disciples, always with the understanding by all involved that the purpose was for universal dissemination of the Masters' teachings without profit or restriction. Reference:

"Mahatmas (Great Souls) come for all the world and their teaching is for all the world. As long as they are living in the body, in this world, their teachings are well understood and are propagated in their real meaning; everybody gets benefit from that; but when they leave the body, the disciplies limit and confine their teachings only to a certain time, religion or sect, and I understand that this is the greatest injustice to the Mahatmas."

Sant Ajaib Singh, Sant Bani Magazine, July/August 1977, page 30

"I have written books without any copyright- no rights reserved- because it is a Gift of God, given by God, as much as sunlight; other gifts of God are also free."

-from a talk by Sant Kirpal Singh at Santa Clara University, San Jose, California on November 16, 1972.

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