From October 26th 2011 the deluxe DVD of Efterklang's collaborative film with Vincent Moon, AN ISLAND, will be available to purchase from

To celebrate the release of the DVD, Vincent Moon and Efterklang have posted this outtake from the film online.

In the clip you see Efterklang guested by Nils Frahm, Heather Broderick, Peter Broderick, Frederik Teige & Niklas Antonson (of Slaraffenland). Together they are performing ‘Modern Drift’ (opening track from Magic Chairs, 2010 4AD) on three pianos and one drum.

This Modern Drift outtake can also be found in the DVD's extra material.

The DVD deluxe package is limited to 5,000 custom-made, eco-friendly, numbered, letterpress printed deluxe covers with a DVD disc full of bonus material and a 35 page booklet with photos and liner notes written by the band. The impressive artwork was conceived in collaboration between Danish design studio Hvass&Hannibal, German photographer Antje Taiga Jandrig and specialist printshop Stumptown Printers from Portland, Oregon.

Photos of the cover artwork can be found at

AN ISLAND a film by Vincent Moon & EFTERKLANG

Recorded on Als, Denmark, august 2010

Images by Vincent Moon
Sounds by Efterklang featuring Niklas Antonson, Heather W. Broderick, Peter Broderick & Frederik Teige

Recordings by Anders Boll & Nils Frahm

Film editing by Lucas Archambault & Vincent Moon

Audio Recordings by Anders Boll & Nils Frahm

Audio Mixing by Mads Brauer & Nils Frahm

Produced by Rasmus Stolberg, Rumraket & Temporary Areas


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