48 hours in 84 seconds. Here is a time-lapse video of two days of volunteers and staff re-using, re-purposing and recycling obsolete computer equipment.
*** Updated version December 2011 ***
James Wallbank, CEO of Access Space, pointed out to me that when he shows the raw video to audiences, they always respond well to the pizza break in the middle of the day and the sequence when the seating is returned to the space. So I decided to revise my edit to include the lunch break and make more of that last moment.
Access Space is a free, open access media lab in Sheffield, UK, for people engaged in creative, enterprising and technical projects. All software used is open-source and all hardware is donated. Access Space is modestly funded by grants, donations and a friends scheme, and hosts an ongoing programme of exhibitions, expositions and training courses.
Music by Laurence Alexander
Camera & edit by Richard Bolam.

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