janet + josh travel the world together. of all the places they have been, where they chose to have their wedding was definitely one of the most awe inspiring. a village in the south of france, probably no more than 50 people living there, surrounded by friends, family, wine, nature, and good food.

the location was in itself a character in their film. it is what inspired the aspect ratio we shot in as well as our choice to use the RED EPIC. the finished piece is mostly EPIC footage but there is a good portion that is also DSLR. we shot with zeiss CP.2 35/50/85mm lenses as well as the RED 17-50 T2.9. most EPIC footage was off a monopod, with some shots on the slider or tripod.

it was definitely a challenge to try to tell janet + josh’s story with the same intimacy as a DSLR but with a camera that is much heavier and often slower. what i can report from that experience is that it is definitely possible, and in many ways the EPIC allowed for shots that weren’t possible otherwise (at least not at the same quality). but it definitely does slow you down and would be tough to adopt for every shoot.

as for the post workflow, all of the EPIC footage was looked at in redcine-x pro. 5k masters were made with a light color pass from all of the selects. from there that was combined with the DSLR footage and put together in a 5K timeline in premiere. all DSLR footage was stretched in post to match the aspect ratio and resolution. for color, the sequence was sent out to davinci resolve and then back into premiere for finishing. the workflow was very possible but it did add more steps and slowed us down.

soundtrack licensed through withetiquette.com from the lovely amy seeley, the track is ‘didn’t i’


For licensing inquiries, please contact discovery@storyandheart.com

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