Behind-the-scenes documentary about the shooting of Klimtomania by Italy based British photographer Patrick Nicholas. This picture belongs to the series of photos called 'Belle' (Beautiful Women in Italian). He takes ordinary women from all walks of life rather than models and asks them to reinterpret a work of art. The pictures are at turns ironic, playful, topical and sometimes even serious.

This particlar image for instance, pokes fun at Silvio Berlusconi. He replaced Holofernes' head of the original with Berlusconi's. He put him in the afro wig he used for the girls and the ever grinning decapitated head is on the carrier bag. Holofernes carried the children of Israel off to Babylon, Berlusconi has brought Babylon to Italy.

All the pictures in the series are visible on his website
Director: Paolo Ganzi, Make-up Simonetta Baletti. Katia is a journalist and Daniella works in a bank.

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