Just south of California lies an inland sea that is rightfully labeled one of the richest marine environments on the globe. Known as the Gulf of California, Sea of Cortez, or Sea of Cortés, and bordered by the arid Baja California Peninsula and Mexican mainland, life in the Sea of Cortez flourishes like nowhere else on earth.

Over 3,000 plant species have been identified in the desert, some of which grow nowhere else on earth, and in the sea, over 6,000 animal species have been identified in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the 100-foot-long Blue whale to the quiet beauty of bountiful reefs, the Sea of Cortez is, in a word, indescribable.

Follow the wind over the waters to the shores of Isla Espiritu Santo where white sand beaches lie untouched in the desert sun. Swim with sea lions and watch for Moorish idols and butterfly fish as you cool off on a snorkeling adventure. Wander among Cardón cactus and Palo Adán trees with your Naturalist, then set off in search for whales and other marine mammals. Converse with fishermen and their families in an isolated village. Enjoy a mule ride into the arroyos with a local ranchero. From the deck of your yacht, watch for pods of dolphins (sometimes numbering in the thousands) and Fin, Sperm, Blue and Pilot whales that call these waters home.

This is pure Baja magic in the INCA style.

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