Today I've been playing around in Processing making a total slit scan mess... my code for this test is based on the code for the wonderful Chronotopic Anamorphosis by André Mintz and the Marginalia Project:

But instead of using real time video capture I've used what ever videoclips I had at hand, just things I made for recent VJ gigs, they don't go together all that well, but they're just thrown in here to test out the effects.
And in this test you can't even barely tell any longer that it's slit scan techniques I'm using, since I've added distortions to the code and I keep adding so many new videoclips so it's all just a mess of colored lines in the end... And on top of this I've thrown in a bit of frame differencing that I've been trying out. But I like things messy :)
And the code is very rough at the moment, but there might come something interesting out of this experiment further down the road.

There's plenty of other examples of slit scan out there though, and also other examples using Processing. Here is a really nice introduction on the subject by Golan Levin and collaborators:

The song is "Asid rain of 1995" by Moscow low-bit duo Vega Stereo.

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