visited the Jenkins Institute for Children (formerly known as the Jenkins Orphanage) in January 2009. We learned a great deal about its rich history, and took many pictures of the Jenkins Institute. You can see them here:

About the Fox Movietone Video:

This video is presented courtesy of the Fox Movietone News Collection at the University of South Carolina's Newsfilm Library. To learn more about this video, and many other historic videos, be sure to visit their website:

SCIway thanks the library for providing this historic video, and for allowing us to share it with our visitors.

About the Jenkins Orphanage Band:

Perhaps the most popular contribution from the Jenkins Institute is the Jenkins Orphanage Band. The band was initially started as a way to raise funds for the orphanage, but it quickly gained popularity in South Carolina, and eventually the world. The band mixed ragtime, march and jazz to make an exciting, unique sound. In 2003, The Library of Congress added the Fox Movietone video of Jenkins Orphanage Band to the National Film Registry, deeming it 'culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.'

The Jenkins Band gained national recognition when it performed in cities throughout the Northeast, Midwest and the South. They marched in inaugural parades and played on Broadway for the entire run of 'Porgy and Bess.' As their fame grew, they traveled around the world, playing in Paris, Berlin, Rome, London, and Vienna.

Even though the band was eventually dissolved, current programs continue to give the children valuable skills. The institute's present day mission is to "promote and support the social and economic well being of children, families, and individuals to enable them to become productive and self sufficient in their communities."

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