An off-beat short comedy film about a young man's endearing attempts to gain the attention of a beautiful girl in the most awkward of settings, an STD clinic. His struggle to start up a conversation is geared by his quirky yet pathetic awkwardness and his unrelenting verbal diarrhea.

Winning film at the August 2012 Katra Film Series!
Screened at Cinema Night at Brooklyn's Tiki Bar on January 10th.
Screened at the Poet's Den Theater for the Best of Katra Series Finale on January 12th 2013.
Selected for Reel Works of NYC in March 2013.

Shot in one day (18 hours) on June 19th 2011. Final cut edited by October 2011.

Shot on Canon 5D mkii.

My second independent short film. I had an amazing cast and crew, especially my lead actress who showed up sick but pushed through all day. Everyone involved was brilliant and a huge help. I'm incredibly proud of this film and we all had a blast shooting it. I hope that audiences will be entertained by this awkwardly funny little film.


Behind the scenes photos:

I wanted to create a film that played around with fantasy in a tensely real location. I didn't want to utilize music or offer the audience any level of comfort to distance themselves from the awkwardness of the situation. I wanted the audience to feel as though they're sitting in that room observing this guy fail miserably every time, and, although feel awkward witnessing it, find it pretty hilarious regardless. I thought it would be really clever and entertaining to have such a funny and light-heartedly goofy encounter in such a serious and claustrophobic environment. I wanted the encounter to seem as real as possible (again, with only ambient sounds and no music) so as to make the realization (that all the little attempts of the main character are actually just fantasies) all the more confusing yet entertaining. I didn't want music to cue the audience when another fantasy would begin and end; I wanted that to come through in the editing. Once again, hopefully you enjoy the film. I definitely enjoyed making it.

Production costs- $1,000 (+ $150 for festival submission fees)

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