“Superficie ondulada”, which means wavy surface, is a short film collaborative project by Ben (camera and edit) and ferrie = differentieel (soundtrack).

The shots were made in Llagostera (Spain) in August this year.
The soundtrack is a variation based on 'Premiere Communion de la Vierge' (The Virgin's First Communion) by Olivier Messiaen played by Henry Wong Doe on a Yamaha Disklavier Pro Mark IV concert grand piano completely reworked and arranged by ferrie = differentieel
The soundtrack is made in surround sound 5.1

It is not an obvious combination of images and music.
This made it fun to experiment with the material. Hope you enjoy!

We are proud that our video is on a blog 'Eigentijds' of the dutch radio 4: blog.eigentijds.radio4.nl/2011/10/messiaen-revisited/

url Henry Wong Doe: henrywongdoe.com

url ferrie: audio.dailym.net
vimeo: vimeo.com/differentieel

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