For many South Africans, hosting the soccer worldcup 2010 was the South African dream. Many people were looking forward to the financial boost that this event would bring, that eventually would cause a nation wide economic improvement.
Some dreams either turned into a nightmare. The hosting cities started to clean the city centres from ‘unrepresentable’ inhabitants. People who normally earn their salary on the streets were evacuated to a by the gouvernment initiated temporary relocation area’. Blikkiesborp (‘Tin Can Town’)‘, 34 km outside Cape Town, far enough for those who could not afford an every day trip to the city. Blikkiesdorp has since mushroomed to 1 667 unpainted corrugated iron houses of 18 m2 (6x3) and is viewed as a dumping ground by the city’s marginalized inhabitants, who also refer to it as a “concentration camp”.
Walking through the streets of Blikkiesdorp feels like walking on the set of the scifi movie ‘District 9’. A windy and dusty place whith shrill reflecting metal houses”In winter it’s a freezer box, in summer it’s a microwave,” said resident Bernadine de Kock. Each ‘can’ houses 2-8 people, who needs to share sanitary with 8 other houses. There is no shade, no trees, no grass, just sand and dust.

production: Artibite, Wiebke Wilting Photography
music: Roger Subirana

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