Anslem, Coco, Ethan, Gareth, Jake, Pipi, Ricardo and Stanley live in Kalumburu, in the far Northern corner of the Western Australian Kimberleys.

They are young boys who had to become men too soon. Adult life is difficult and the young men keep mucking up.

The Aboriginal Corporation of Kalumburu call for help from youth workers Jeremy and Dominic, to come and help these young men become boys again.

The young men are taken to Carson River for a 10 day camp out bush, to learn about self respect, to reconnect with the identity of their origins, and just to simply be boys again.

Genre: Documentary
Running time: 53 min
Language: English
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Format: DVCAM SD
Filmed on location in Northern Kimberleys, Australia 2008
Color graded at Waterfront Studios, South Africa.

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