Part one of a installation- Performance Artist Alex London has decided to kill herself as a performance.
Her journey towards this ultimate goal will be recorded as she researches and explores the idea of death as a ritual.
This piece is very theatrical as fantasies about death are played out in a beautifully constructed manner while being juxtaposed with a “real” documentary.
We are not allowed to forget that this is a piece of art and the “artist” is controlling every aspect of it.

The piece is designed to play on three screens simultaneously on a loop. It can be watched from any point for any length of time. Alex London Dies in Public created waves at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2008. Media attention due to the perceived controversial content of the installation led to high audience numbers attending the well received and thought-provoking work. Unicorn Productions intends this visual art work to explore the idea of sacrifice for art. The piece invites the viewer to examine what is considered important and valuable in our society while they question the reality of what they are seeing. Alex London Dies in Public will be shown again in the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2008 at Bar Open 317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy from 27 September to 4th October 2008 from 2pm to 3am.

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