A deer narrates a story about an alienated mall worker in a deliriously deadpan voice as he types it into his laptop.


film, camera, edit and script
Christina Zeidler

Voice over and Actor:
Bill Burns

Over all concept:
Christina Zeidler and Bill Burns

I shot this film with Toronto-based artist Bill Burns at a residency at The Banff Arts Centre in 2003. I was making a series of short videos and broadcasting them daily. I started to collaborate with fellow artists on the residency. Bill approached me with the idea of having him dress in this suit and deer head costume and type on an old typewriter. I had this little script kicking around so I got Bill to read it. I don't think we knew how spooky Bill's deep voice with this strange story and the creepy tracking shot would be.

trivia: I was so tired at the end of shooting and the way I shot the titles was making me so cross-eyed that I spelled a lot of names wrong, including my own!

Machine Guts is distributed by The Canadian Filmmaker's Distribution Centre. cfmdc.org Please contact this amazing artist organization if you want to screen this work.

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