Sokcho is a small city of Korean east coast. But most Korean who were born in 1950~1970 remember the city as the romantic escapeway from grim actualities under military government or gloomy day of youth.

"Whale Hunting" is the title of a song. And later a movie was made as same title. In the song and movie, the whale means the utopia of youth. The heroine belives beautiful and cute whales live in the East Sea. So they travel to Sokcho to see the East Sea water and hunt whales.

In Sokcho, there are beautiful mountain Sorak, Youngrang lake and we can see the clean East Sea water. Until now, many Korean travel there in every season. We can enjoy mountain climbing, treking, water sports and car driving in the place.

29th of October, our bicycle team rided to Sokcho from Seoul. The total mileage was 220 Km. In our team, there were 4 over 60-year-young boys. Not only for them but also rest of our team, 220 Km riding was a challenge. 20Km before Sokcho, we had to cross over 1000 meters high mountains. The last crux section was 3.2Km's Misiryeong uphill. It was really not easy........
So after the riding, the self-satisfaction was great.
(I believe that everybody caught their own whale.)

The first song that I used in this video is the "Whale Hunting".

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