A short movie about the Château du Tourte vineyard. A classic wine of Graves and Bordeaux.

Situated on the Toulenne commune just next to Langon, the vineyard is composed of 8 hectares of grapes for red wine and 2 hectares for white. It grows on an argilo-gravelly terrain. The vendanges (harvest) is entirely done by hand. The fermentation process is thermo-regulated and the aging process happens in barrels renewed in thirds or by half each year. Under the aegis of Denis Dubourdieu and with the help of his pupil Valérie Lavigne, the 50,000 produced bottles are sold half in France and half as exports to Great Britain, Germany, Holland and Japan.

Filming Corentin Banzet & Karol Arnaud
Editor Corentin Banzet
Music by Edith Progue

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