Made with Processing.

Playing again with text data. The goal was to write an effective and fast algorithm for sorting text in an alphabetical order using the 'divide and conquer' method / recursion which would work with my written 'Word' class (the Word class I've written saves the String data, how often it appears in text and the positions in the original text).

Visualization rules:
Circle == one word of the original text
Circle size indicates how often the word is used (big circle > the word is used often, small circle > the word is used less)
Red outline shows the length of the current word (thicker > more letters), but only if the stroke weight is thinner than the diameter of the circle
Outer position (big circle) == alphabetical sorted word list
Inner position (small circle) == original position(s) in text
Line between original position(s) and position in alphabetical sorted word list



Fastblur by Mario Klingemann
Text by Friedrich Schiller

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