Directed by Socrates Mitsios and Actually Huizenga

This is the 2nd installment in a mini series of erotic romanticism that deals with the idyllic and pure extremes of human relationships. The viewer is witness to a crime, an act of sexual violence that has been recorded and produced as a pop confection. In SoftRock II, the power-dynamics and aesthetics of sex undermine one another, as sado-masichism and forced sex-play are dressed in soft hues and pleasingly-deep tones. A soothing feeling of a fire-side romance-novel set in an other-wordly epoch. A time mixed between the distant past of silent-film and a video-futurism of sacrifice and offering.

SOFTROCK Parts I & II premiered together, as part of ASVOFF Art, at the George Pompidou Centre, in October 2012

Fashion: Simon Preen

Socrates Mitsios

Actually Huizenga

SoundTrack: Actually Huizenga & Chaz Windus

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