Hi, I’m Larry Benet, and I am known as the connector. I am CEO/cofounder of the Speakers and Authors Networking Group (SANG). People like Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup book fame, Harvey Mackay, Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappo’s, have all been at our conferences over the years. The main reason is my philosophy in life and book is about adding value and giving back to your network well before you need it.

I want to introduce you to people I know who are more than willing to help me make my book a mega best seller. One thing I found from interviewing famous authors over years is one thing: it’s not always what you know but who and how well and things you’ve done in advance to serve them will determine how much they are willing to reciprocate.

Listen to some of my friends. I look forward to working with you to make my book an international bestseller.

John Assaraf – Larry Benet and I have been friends for around five-six years and I’m excited that his new book is coming out. I’ll support it. We have a 200,000 strong client list that will get word as soon as it comes out. Larry is a master networker and teaches us how to network.

Chris Attwood – Cofounder and coauthor of The Passion Test. I have known Larry for more than ten years and am a member of the SANG group that he cofounded. I’m excited he has a book coming out because he’s one of the best connectors I know. We’ll support him. We have a list of 100,000 plus we have two online magazines in which we look forward to featuring his material. I see his book being a huge massive success.

Daven Michaels – I want to talk to you about Larry Benet. He is the ultimate connector. They always talk about 7 degree of separation, but I think it’s 1 and it’s Larry Benet. He’s an amazing speaker, insightful person, and knows everyone on the planet. He also has a huge heart, all about giving. He’s an incredible guy. Book him for your next event or be involved in SANG. I suggest you work with Larry if you want to win.

Bob Diamond – I am an attorney, well known real estate investor and speaker for about six years. About 75,000 people who follow me in my main database plus 5,000 Facebook followers. Larry is a great guy. I’ve known him for about five years, that I have been coming to SANG, and I am so excited to support him and the book. We’re committed to promoting it full out. We’re excited to promote his book because he’s the real deal and puts together SANG. At the most recent event, Robert Allen sat across from me (and he sold, what, 500 million or a billion of books?) and I know Robert will support Larry full out.

Brett Clay – author of Selling Change. Larry Benet is the connector. He’s writing a book on how important that is and networking in career and life. From a sales point of view having a network is what it’s all about. Being able to improve your connections and leverage technology today to be more connected build relationships is critical. I look forward to his book; it will be phenomenal success.

Brad Fallon – CEO of StomperNet. I’ve known Larry for a long time. I’ve been to several SANG events and they get better all the time. The caliber of speakers and attendees is remarkable. I’m in the audience and someone gets up to ask a question who is an attendee who built three companies; it’s unbelievable. So if you get a chance to go to SANG and you are a speaker or author and serious about doing stuff, online or offline, you really want to connect with the most connected people who are and networking like nothing else. It’s hard to get people to get back into the room because of the sharing that goes on. Go to SANG if you possibly can.

Michael Hutchison– Larry Benet and I have known each other for several years. The way I can add value to Larry is this. In the last business I ran, largest financial education company in the world, required the asset to Phil Towne’s company. Phil has had two bestsellers; first was Don’t Lose Money - #1 on the NY Times list, second - Payback Time –hit NY Times status two weeks in a row). I led the marketing efforts behind that. I am willing to bring he same databases and contacts and expertise to Larry that I have and that helped bring Phil. Larry is a genuine friend, someone I’ve learned a lot from. In a previous life I ran Tony Robbins’ business. There is not anyone I don’t know and can’t get in front of, and I am happy to bring that same level of support to Larry. He would be phenomenal to you as a publisher. Please do call me (650-678-6775) if you have any questions so I can erase any possible doubts about bringing Larry on board as a published author within your stable.

Vishen Lakhiani– I run boutique publishing company Mind Valley; we are the leader in online book publishing products about spirituality and consciousness. We have a list of some 1.2 million. I have known Larry Benet for several years and he has had a numerous impacts on life, particularly in terms of people he’s connected me to.

Paul Colligan – When Larry’s book comes out I’d be ridiculous NOT to support him. Ridiculous not to mention it.

Bob Burg – I am uthor of Endless Referrals and co-author of Go Giver and the Go Giver series of books. All told we’ve sold three quarters of a million books. I say that not to impress you. I want to let you know that everybody who knows Larry loves Larry. I can’t wait to get behind his new book. Through our personal spheres of influence (social media, people who I meet and write for) I‘m more than happy to get behind Larry’s book and help it become a MEGA best seller.

Darren Hardy – Publisher Success M. I wholeheartedly support Larry Benet and his book. He’s lived his message with us. He’s an incredible giver, he’s helped the magazine, helped me personally. So because I want to give back to him (law of reciprocity) and his message is great we’ll support him. We have 2 million each month. Half a million Facebook and Twitter followers, a database of half a million; we’ll put the full force of Success behind his book.

Willy Jolly – Author of It Only Takes A Minute to Change Your Life and host on Sirius radio and some CBS television stations. Larry Benet has been a man I’ve had my eye on for a long time. He knows that your network determines your net worth. He has done a tremendous job building his network, and this man can help people grow their thinking by growing their relationships. I’m excited about his book’s potential. It will be a super best seller. I know that because I know Larry and when he puts his mind to something he gets it done.

Jeff Gittomer – Author of Little Red Book of Selling. My friend Larry Benet said he wanted to do a book and I guaranteed him I would help support. If you are a potential publisher of his book, BUY IT.

Jay Abraham – I have reasonable influence in the entrepreneurial world and I would probably be one of Larry’s strong endorsers. What I am led to believe is that the foundation of his book will be very catalytically valuable to a lot of people in business and their careers, and I’m told it’s going to be a book of unique application. I can see one of the things he has is influence with a lot of people that owe him a lot of favors, so the odds of it being monstrously well and consistently promoted throughout many different realms are very high, and I encourage you to publish it.

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