Halloween. My favorite holiday of the year. I can't think of a more perfect excuse to make a Blüprint video extra special than for Halloween, so here's the rundown. Thanks to the big help of a lot of my friends, we are proud to present a short film in commemoration of this amazing event. Here we have a promotional film, in the vein of a horror film, to remind you all one final time just how serious October 28th will be. Not only are we bringing out our friend JOE NICE, but we are also introducing to Birmingham a new acquaintance: GETTER. To help me make this event and this film special, I'm more than pleased to thank these people for their help and dedication:

Kyle Roberts: Director of Photography
Alison Folsom: Assistant Director, Audio
Christopher Lee: Audio
Andrew Williams: Audio
Katherine Burcham: Actress, Girl who goes to Blüprint
Maggie Ballard: Actress, Girl who doesn't
Tabitha Kilgore: Actress, Newscaster
Debbie Smith: Actress, Mother

I sincerely appreciate everyone's hard work and help in getting Blüprint and myself to where I am today. Thank you all very much, I hope to work with you all again in the future!

Also, a very sincere shout out to our friend Neil, who passed away during the making of this film. You will be sorely missed.

Oct. 28th, stay Blü!


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