We would like to introduce you to a new concept for the Real Estate market :: Real Estate Films.

A few weeks ago, we were approached by the Real Estate team over at Hamilton & Company Real Estate, headed by Dan Hamilton. They were looking for a new way to market their “Luxury Homes” division. In the past, they had used traditional real estate videos, but decided for their luxury homes division, they wanted something fresh and unique. After collaborating with the team over at Hamilton & Company, we developed a new concept for the real estate market: Real Estate Films.

We took the traditional elements of Real Estate videos and decided to give them the signature Artifice Films storytelling aspect. The result is something that has not been seen before on the East Coast. Instead of the traditional real estate video, we decided to create a unique film that not only showcased the home, but also showcased the lifestyle you could have by living in this house. We wanted potential buyers to see more than the beautiful woodwork inside the home… more than the landscaping… more than the intricate details… We wanted them to see exactly what living inside this home would be like.

The concept was simple. We wanted to keep traditional elements of real estate videos and show the details of each room, but we also wanted to create a story that would hold viewer’s interest and showcase all this home truly had to offer. Another task was bringing to life traditional real estate literature. Instead of writing and telling people how close the home was to Greenville or telling them about the great downtown atmosphere Greenville had to offer, we decided to take the viewer outside the home and SHOW THEM! Finally, we wanted to show that this home was the perfect place for entertaining. The team over at Hamilton & Company, felt this home was a great place to entertain guests, so we decided to create the story around a very simple plot: A husband and wife preparing for a dinner party with friends.

Home Location: 307 Stono Court, Piedmont, SC || River Reserve Subdivision
Actors: Nathan Luginbill, Angela Turner
Hair & Makeup: Katie Cotton
Car Furnished By: Century BMW – Greenville, SC

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