Music Video for the band "Sun Has Found Me".

The Band:

Linus Fredin: Double Bass
Hannah Tolf: Voice
Isabel Sörling: Voice, Guitar

A low/no budget production.

The ambition was to create something beautiful, interesting and with quality with very small means. The project was a bit of a struggle from beginning to end but I actually think it turned out pretty good and it's been a huge experience for me aswell. Also this was a project to keep my dream alive to work as an Artist. The only budget I had was for the HD camera I used, and is still using, hopefully for future projects :)
It was planned to have the band participate in the beginning but it was left out.
I was keen to make a video to fit the song, have some story elements and to have a timelimit that was from planning to completion in about a month, which was realised. This somewhat turned into more of a short Artfilm than a Music Video.

The Inspiration for this comes alot from movies like Blade Runner(storywise) and Apocalypse Now(visually) which I somewhat studied prior to filming, strangely enough :)

Huge thanks to Åsa and Filippa who participated in the video.

Made in 2009.

(ReEdited in 2012)

Directed by Pontus Fredin.

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