Another film by Eric Minh Swenson

Michael Hayden - A Painter With A Burning Desire by Dale Youngman

Michael Hayden, born in 1961 in Memphis, Tennessee, is a man as colorful and multi-layered as his striking encaustic paintings. Landing in Los Angeles after several diverse and creative professions, we discover that Hayden is a man of many talents, unusual philosophy, and a passion... his current solo show at Terrell Moore Fine Arts in Los Angeles is curiously entitled "HOT WAX" which references his fascination with fire and a passion for painting with molten tinted beeswax. The exhibition will be on view through Nov 19, 2011 at 1221 S. Hope St. LA 90015.
As a young child visiting his grandmother's farm in Blytheville, Arkansas, Michael was quite taken with the then-preferred method of trash disposal, incinerating garbage in an old oil drum. As he likes to explain, he would "experiment with fire on almost anything." Once, he accidentally set fire to the interior of his parent's new car while using the cigarette lighter to burn the Comic section of the Sunday paper. Luckily for him, Michael's uncle was in the car upholstery business! These days, he has translated his obsession into encaustic painting, an ancient method using melted beeswax mixed with pigment. Encaustic painting gets its name from the Greek word "enkaustikos" meaning "to heat" or "to burn"
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