Here's a showcase of the various light cubes people made during our Intro to Arduino Workshop. Surprisingly, everyone learned the Arduino in one hour! This gave us two more hours to spare for us to hack around. - Tom

Photos from the event:

Songs in this video: Braided Hair by 1 Giant Leap; Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64; Ume by The Green Kingdom; Weird Science by Oingo Boingo

First Cube: this project is the one that the workshop's tutorial had the attendees make. It is an interactive cube lamp that changes color whenever a shadow is cast over the photoresistor:

Second Cube: Here, the attendees tried to push the arduino to turn on each RGB LED as fast as it could. It looks a bit like the item box in Mario Kart.

Third Cube: After being informed of PWM, this attendee had the light cube fade from one color phase to another.

Fourth Cube: These attendees manual synced a light show with the song Weird Science. Audio sampling would take longer than two hours, so they used their time wisely.

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