A short film about John, a man with an acquired brain injury who is introduced to an IPAD.

At 13 years of age, perfectly healthy and happy John Craven was hit by a 4WD fitted with a bullbar, sustaining an acquired brain injury. Staggeringly, for the past 28 years the main form of communication for John was a wooden QWERTY alphabet board. He points to every letter of every word he wishes to communicate.

What began from a photograph, to an extraordinary gesture by a complete stranger and a growing program being established through disability care today, John's parents tell his story and their struggle to help him communicate with the outside world.

This short film, aptly named QWERTY was produced with little more than petrol money as a budget, documenting this amazing story.

*Since filming more than 20 ipads valued at $15,000
have been donated to Camp Breakaway and over 150 people have benefited from the use of the iPads.

There are currently requests for Apple Distinguished Educators to help train volunteers to enable children and adults with disabilities to use the iPads to their full capacity.

This is an ongoing program...

Jodie Davis - Camera / Edit / Research

Cordelia - Film / Stills / Research

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