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Here is the Teaser of my upcoming creative long feature film documentary "WOMANHATTAN". It's made of personal archives from 1990 to nowadays, from VHS to GH2, through Super 8, Hi8, DV and HDV.

"This is the beginning of my movie: introspection into my memories and my technological obsessions. A new love story just begins and I don’t want to loose it in digital imagery. This is the climax and the issue of the movie, what does this obsession for capturing the moments does to our relationship?"

Logline :
"Why did you bring all your girl friends to New York? - I don’t know I want to capture the moment with them; I don’t want to forget, the way I forgot so many childhood moments. I would like to find the answer thru ­all this 20 years’ of obsession.
The filmmaker personal love stories go hand by hand with the story of the evolvement of people documenting them self from super 8 home movie through home video to the digital area. What does this obsession for capturing the moments does to our relationship?
A hybrid film documentary starching the boundaries from one own private documentation to a striking personal film."

(Article on Womanhattan by Tue Steen Müller, feb.25th/2012)

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