a first cut of a journalistic/documentary combining photos i made on october 15th 2011 in nyc - the global day of protest, and photos from around the world as presented in a post by boston.com (all photos from internet are credited on each slide)

i was an unexpected observer and walked away with mixed emotions. this is the product of my two weeks processing of that day i happened to find myself in the middle of a global movement... and i could feel the reverberations echoing under my feet from around the world...

when i finally got home that night, i saw nothing at all on the news about the immense protest that had shut down times square. i was shaken to the point of, wanting to stand up, walk, and then run - this video tries to capture the tug and pull of the backdrop my emotions are juxtapositioned on.

the final song is what echos in my head, and i am still meditating on why that is.

featuring music that inspires my own reflections and interpretations of the days events, by:
Trapt - Stand Up
Tracy Chapman - Talkin' About a Revolution
P!nk - Ave Mary A
Eddie Vedder - Society

(inspired by Augosto Boal's Newspaper Theatre. an ultimate goal would be to put on a performance piece in front of this video playing on screens behind the actors)

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