Experimental film inspired by a short story by Jorges Luis Borges of the same name.

I made this for a university module, and so was required to ground it all in theory. But to my mind it speaks for itself as an interesting visual experience that you can project your own thinking onto. It's not totally necessary to be aware of the thought process behind it, but I will include it here:

My aim was to create a visual idiom for the experience of the main protagonist, an ordinary individual whose engagement with reality is suddenly and inexplicably transformed. After suffering a fall in a riding accident, Funes awakes from unconsciousness not only to find his body paralysed but that his mind has altered profoundly: he has a sudden incapacity to forget anything that he experiences and can recall even his most distant and trivial memories in perfect, almost intolerable richness.

By layering pieces of old footage of myself, shot years apart, I wanted to confuse suggestions of the 'present' and 'past', visually embodied within an individual, as a storehouse for memories from which there is no escape; to arrive at a fantastical experience of simultaneity that becomes increasingly overwhelming.

Direction/edit/performance: Sarah Hill

Music: Mike Seal.

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