Name of excursion Jankovac (Croatia) and Jankovac's lake linked to the name of Count Josip Janković. This nature lover comes in the mid-19th century to his estate decided to spend his mature years editing a beautiful valley near the top of Papuk.

Here is the first built a hunting castle, then decorated two stream lakes, trout farming, and water supply in the most unfavorable hydrological periods. The count succeeded witnessed by the thirty waterfall that plunges into the canyon Kovačica. Something truly unthinkable for this area.

Count Josip Janković was buried, according to his wish, in a cave above the lake from the town offers a wonderful view of the valley and its centuries-old beech forests that surround it.

Jankovac, one of the most beautiful mountain valley located on the northern slopes of Papuk at a height of 475 m. It is rich in cold springs and clear streams, and surrounded by hundred year old beech forest. Full of freshness and romance has always been attractive to nature lovers, mountain and peace. Due to the exceptional scenery that can not be found in Slavonia, Jankovac in 1955 was declared a protected forest preserve.

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