Music video for "Insomnia" by Terhi

Artist and Concept Terhi Ikonen

Virpi Kettu Director/editor/postproduction
Jack Osborn camera/lights
Oliver Roberts camera
Steve Redfearn Producer

Rahael Bowen art director
Leo Schrecker assistant art director

Ghoul band:
Tina Scott drums
Steve Byrne guitar
Andy Perry bass
Steve Redfearn Keyboards

Pauline Henson catering/production co-ordinator
Becky Neale catering

Kataryna Wolkiewicz Photography, still pics

Vashti Passionflower Creations: masks/hats

Tia Brown child ghoul
Davina Bent child ghoul
Evie Dowdall
Emma Sidgreaves
Steve Pettifer
Bonnie Thomas
Oliver Roberts Mei Catherall
Silvia Cavaciuti
Sophia Cavaciuti
Naomi Warren
Becky Neale
Joanne Lumb
Colleen Hixenbaugh
Leo Schrecker
Rahael Bowen
Clare Chapman
Anita Spencer

Lights provided by Rockhopper Studios

Song copyright: Terhi Ikonen/Steve Redfearn
Song Recording and release Rockhopper Records

A great thank you for everyone involved
for their help and good times.

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