I got me a new guitar, so I thought I'd throw a quick video together because I'm enjoying playing the hell out of it! It won't be the best playing, but it gets the idea across

I'm doing Bloodbath's Trail Of Insects, then a section from my last band's (End Of Eternity) track Purity. After that, the solo from on of my current band's tracks, and then Immortal's Against The Tide

The guitar has D-Activators in (as stock), then goes into an Engl Invader 150, with an Engl Standard 4x12 producing the oomph. I use a Behringer HM300 (a Boss HM-2 clone until I get an actual Boss HM-2) for the Bloodbath bit.

As noted, the playing isn't spot on, I was just having fun and wanted to share :D

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