Action/Drama/War (based on historical events)

In the small Norwegian mining town of Kvikne, 21-year old Lorens works on the family farm, but his real loves are skiing and the beautiful Susanne. They sneak off at night and dream of their future together, raising children and teaching others to ski.

Meanwhile, King Karl XII of Sweden has dispatched 10,000 soldiers to conquer Mid-Norway and capture all of its copper reserves. Led by the ruthless General de la Barre, these mercenaries call themselves 'Karoliners.' The Great Nordic War of 1718 begins.

One brisk morning, the families of Mid-Norway ski to church to enjoy a competition including both the army ski troopers and the local men. While skiing at full speed, they shoot black powder rifles at a target. The most points win a prize of 15 riksdalers.

During the town's celebration, the Norwegians are ambushed by invading Swedes. Lorens's 11-year old sister, Oddny, is shot. In the chaos, Lorens helps Oddny and his family escape.

Lorens's older brother was killed by de la Barre and his army. Now his little sister struggles to survive. Although Lorens is conflicted with the notion that one must fight to maintain peace, he reluctantly joins the ski troopers as the storm hits.

Karoliners ravage Norwegian farmhouses for food and clothing. They burn churches and barns for heat and kill all who don't comply.

Lorens not only has to battle de la Barre and the Karoliners, he must prove to his overbearing father that he's no longer a child. He must be ready to protect his family and their farm.

His love for Susanne will not come easily either. Her father owns the Copperworks mine and doesn't want his daughter ending up with a lowly mine worker's son.

The Karoliners are not prepared for the 450 ski troopers who are trained to shoot accurately and disappear in a white flash.

A Swedish retreat is ordered through Kvikne, which is already in shambles. Lorens has seen soldiers frozen like statues.

Lorens's father is shot and barely holds life. Susanne and her family are kidnapped for the valuable copper. Lorens struggles to keep his innocence and sanity.

The snow and the burdens of war get heavy. Lorens must rise from the storm and fight for what he believes is vital to his family, his love, and his country.

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