This phrase should be performed facing different directions, dancer's choice, traveling down a 5 ' hallway X 15' long hallway as audience enters and walks by. Dancer may excerpt phrase as well so people can go by.

After each part dancer exits, goes around to the other side of a hanging cyc and re-enters. Each entrance lasts maybe 90 seconds. Dancer can perform whatever section is interesting to them at that time. Audience is entering around the solo and has approximately 12 minutes to get to their seats. Dancer has to allow time for people to get through in between passes.

Dancer may perform 1 of 2 modes of moving as well as the straight phrase.
1. tailbone redirection mode is just that. allowing oneself to be surprised by sudden redirection of the tail bone and shifts of the pelvis that may throw the balance off. constant awareness of that specific area.
2. crunching mode. there is now a specific shape to begin and end in that isn't represented on this clip but it is simple to show. Dancer enters. stand in the position, crunches inwardly then shifts to a different position, then exits. the concept of crunching is that a sense being something dry and brittle and being stepped on or broken and finding irregular breaks through the body. focus on the bones or skin as brittle and dry as though one were a pile of fall leaves that get stepped on. Think about embodying cracking, irregular rhythm, crunching, disintegrating.

This video is shot from the side but the performer will actually be seen from stage left. Direction shifts within the phrase are necessary.

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