Do you ever wish that you could record your dreams...?

(done very much as if you were
following me, edited just how it was)

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We should live our dreams. but we get caught up in this worldly world. This rest or transition in life is for the mind and body, only to rise up and live what speaks worlds in your dreams, to arise and serve, reaching out, climbing high, making everything a great search.

We must rediscover the forgotten places. We must investigate our self with others. In a calm moment, there is an escape to better things. Maybe i am always seeking this exciting way, maybe it makes us crazy to want everything we write and think about. It takes lots of conditioning and getting OUT. Out of your comfort zones and out of our house.

My philosophy on life is that we are becoming, emerging.

Our souls are waiting to break free and be exposed.

I come to believe that the soul is what we see living in our dream state. We see traumatic events take place that show the toll of the waking life burdens that drain us. But most the time its just a random world of things taking place that we wake and wish would come to life in our days.

Sure we will do our best, but we got to stop wishing to have it or have things just right, we just got to do it and accept it and believe in it and in others..

Nothing will stop you. ~~Taraz

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