To celebrate the collaboration between the two brands WeSC and The Standard proudly present a series of short films created by a group of selected artists who are an active part of the Superlative Conspiracy and whose creativity represent WeSC and The Standard’s art, travel and music sensibility.

We present: Beth Riesgraf for The Standard LA, Downtown with the film titled "A Standard Story".

“A Standard Story” takes place in the downtown LA Standard Hotel: A girl living a mundane existence wakes to find herself in the middle of an enchanted forest. She receives an invitation to embark on an adventure through the Standard where she encounters various fantastical characters (Peter Stormare, Aldis Hodge) who ultimately show her the version of herself she must avoid becoming.
I chose to use visual effects to create the in-room forest, and created costumes that would reflect the fantasy/ nature elements of my story.

The idea for the story came to me while listening to a piece of music composed by Ali Helnwein. I wrote the story and then assembled a team made up mostly of WeActivists, and crew members from the show I work on,”Leverage”.

Beth Riesgraf:
Beth riesgraf has many strings to her bow - actress, film maker and photographer. Currently starring as the female lead ‘Parker’ in
the hit series Leverage, Beth gets to act out all her skillful, cat burglar antics while exuding dorkiness, eccentricity and sexuality. Naturally. on the big screen, riesgraf starred opposite Giovanni ribisi in the silent independent film The White Door. She appeared in the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks and recently completed the independent feature Nobody. In addition to ‘Leverage’, Beth’s television credits include the Showtime pilot Insatiable and guest-starring roles on NCIS,Without a Trace, Big Shots, How I Met Your Mother, and My Name is Earl.

Riesgraf’s filmaking career started in 2003 when she traveled across america to make the short film “Faraway Swimming Pool”. Soon after she co-founded Niva Films and went on to produce “ The White Door”, television pilots for NBC and MTV, as well as music videos for Beck and Midlake.

Apart from acting and filmaking, riesgraf’s photographic work has gained much praise and has been featured in publications such as Mean Magazine, Anthem, Angeleno, Nylon, GQ, Zink, Arkitip, and Men’s Journal.

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