The relationship between the moon and the sun with the Classical elements

Written, directed, cinematography and edited by Videographer: Eyal Gamili

This production could not be possible without the generous gesture of talent, creativity and passion from the following people:
Inspiration: Guido Argentini (Italy) & Red Hot Chili Pepper
Choreography : Amme Villinski & Micha Amos
Female dancer : Amme Villinski
Mail dancer: Micha Amos
Dance company:
Female Hair styling: Danit Ancar
Mail Hair styling: Dudi Babyan
Studio and mental support: Dor malka
Makeup: Studio Ada lazorgan
Makeup: Devi Shtern
Makeup: Kerenor Kishon
Makeup: Anastasia Soffer
Nails design: Eden Parlovitch
Prod. Assist. : Eden Parlovitch
Special Thanks : V.Z. Bunich

Thanks Genero, and Golden Fenech for this wonderful opportunity and a great song to work with.

lSpecial Thanks to my dear wife that support my craziness like always (less info)

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