when the cinema side of stillmotion first started, the goal was to get into documentary work. both Amina and i were in university for psychology and that background inspired us to ask questions and look at different perspectives. while we didn't know it at the time, our entire approach to weddings slowly took the shape and direction of what originally got us into this industry. weddings, to us, are not about the day. our films are about people; their stories, motivation, experience, and perspective.

it is somewhat ironic to look at back at things, look at the path we have taken, and realize that weddings were in many ways the vehicle that taught us so much about what we do and brought us face to face with some unbelievable projects. here we are, some five or so years later, and we have embarked on our first feature length documentary with the CBS and Showtime sports. we have over 100 shoot days in total, many of which have come and gone in the past several months, and all of which will culminate with the Army vs. Navy game this December 10th.

A Game of Honor follows the lives of both the Army and Navy for an entire season. while the story builds and follows a football season, the characters and narrative are so much more than football. we are so excited to be working with the CBS team of Stephen Karasik and Pete Radovich who are producing and directing the feature. a project of this size means hours upon hours of footage and needs a team that can filter through all of the noise and extract different threads that illuminate so many interesting things we have witnessed or heard over our first 80 or so shoot days. we are very humbled and proud to be a part of this team and collaborate on such an exciting project. we got into this to tell stories and A Game of Honor is allowing us to take the viewers to places and moments beyond belief.

A Game of Honor airs on showtime Wed December 21st. All footage shown here is property of Showtime Sports and we want to thank them for allowing us to share this with all of you here.


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