last year we got the opportunity to shoot a tv series called The Season presented by SAP for the NFL Network. the series followed human interest stories related to the game such as Brett Favre's last game in Lambeau field. the finale of the show, for last year, was the superbowl.

our approach was to cover this with tilt-shifts and we did that for a couple reasons;

to make the players look small. at the end of the year it all comes down to these 60 minutes and all of the records, stats, and trophies go out the window. it is also such a huge stage being the most viewed single day sporting event in the world, and that is such a large audience for so few people.

we also wanted to use tilt-shifts to simulate vision on the field and needing to see selectively to be a fraction of a second faster.

we worked with the NFL Network on the script (which ties into when we go into, and out of the tilt-shift lenses). we shot, colored, and edited this piece those most other episodes of The Season were handled by the NFL Network.

all footage is property of the NFL Network.

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