Meg brings the Bela Bartok...

Overdue thanks to Meg's piano teacher who assigned/insisted on this piece for this occasion amid our protests-both Meg and I rallied for another dreamy romantic Debussy overture or listener pleasing Mozart or maybe an edgy mazurka-anything but this ugly barking piano on fire debacle. I'm pretty sure me muttering, "I hate Bartok" only sealed the sentence.

Prep for this Bartok was painful for Meg and selfishly painful for me, this fast ugly pounding filled the airwaves hours on sent me outside to fold laundry. Ever supportive, at one exasperated point I commmanded,
"Stop! Before the poor birds drop dead from the sky!".
(poor kid)
Even Mark was confused, "is this a song, or...what?"

After weeks of digging in and grinding out, it started to come together and we began it. What was ugly and weird and painful became interesting, refreshing and kinda fun. In the end, Meg's technique, speed and confidence grew exponentially and more importantly, she was really enjoying the Bartok and the work it required to bring it to music.

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