Alexander Tuschinski's debut film "Killereichhörnchen" with full English subtitles.
He produced this film in 2008 while still attending school.

Somewhere in Germany: The Godfather controls the town. One last plan is conceived to help the family control the toothpaste-market, too, by flooding it with cheap imitates. But while the family's dottore works on it, another endeavor fails miserably:
The killer-squirrels, which should have guarded the Mafia's base, escape and wreak havoc in the city's cemetery! Vincenzo, Godfather's son, is sent to take care of the problem. And that's just the beginning of an Odyssey through modern urban life...

Written and Directed by Alexander Tuschinski.

Cast (Excerpt):
Gregor Sauvageot, Alexander Tuschinski, Adrian Heindrichs, Franziska Zimmer

Original Soundtrack composed and recorded by Alexander Tuschinski.
Featuring four classical pieces by Mozart and Beethoven, recorded on Software-Synthesizer and Vocoder by the director.

Copyright (including music) by Alexander Tuschinski, 2008-2011.

All rights reserved.

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