Video of the Luso-American Candidates' Forum held October 21, 2011 in South River New Jersey, at the Portuguese Club. Candidates for this year:
For Mayor:
Democratic Candidate, Matt Vaughn
Republican Candidate, John Krenzel

For Council:
Democratic Candidates, Thomas C. Roselli and Peter Guindi
Republican Candidates, Donna Farren and Michael Trenga

0:35 Introduction
2:54 Peter Guindi Opening Statement
3:55 Donna Farren Opening Statement
5:50 Thomas Roselli Opening Statement
7:55 Michael Trenga Opening Statement
10:10 First Question: Which initiative of the other party do you most strongly support, and which do you most strongly oppose?
10:23 Mr. Trenga's Answer
11:18 Mr. Roselli's Answer
13:06 Second Question: If elected what would you do to revitalize downtown?
13:10 Mr. Guindi's Answer
14:48 Ms. Farren's Answer
16:43 Third Question: Do you believe the committees in town are used properly and do you plan to reorganize or restructure them in a more effective manner?
16:51 Ms. Farren's Answer
18:15 Mr. Roselli's Answer
19:28 Fourth Question: How do you feel about the ongoing negotiations with the business administrator?
19:47 Mr. Guindi's Answer
20:20 Mr. Trenga's Answer
21:47 Fifth Question: What plans will you support to make South River Business Friendly?
21:53 Mr. Roselli's Answer
23:54 Mr. Trenga's Answer
26:15 Sixth Question: What makes you different as a politician that will make voters confident in voting for you?
26:39 Ms. Farren's Answer
28:45 Mr. Guindi's Answer
30:13 Seventh Question: Taxes and utility rates are a major concern. How do you plan to cut spending?
30:23 Mr. Roselli's Answer
32:47 Ms. Farren's Answer
35:08 Mr. Trenga's Closing Statement
41:46 Mr. Roselli's Closing Statement
46:32 Ms. Farren's Closing Statement
51:10 Mr. Guindi's Closing Statement

53:05 Mayor Portion Introduction
53:31 John Krenzel's Opening Statement
56:57 Matt Vaughn's Opening Statement
1:02:10 First Question: How do you intend to inform the public of large projects in town? (Editor's Note: More of programming like this widely available)
1:02:23 Mr. Krenzel's Answer
1:04:12 Mr. Vaughn's Answer
1:05:26 Second Question: How influential should the youth in town be and what new initiatives would you propose?
1:05:40 Mr. Vaughn's Answer
1:07:07 Mr. Krenzel's Answer
1:09:04 Third Question: What are your incentives for using the electric surplus and how much money do you think should be kept as an emergency fund?
1:09:17 Mr. Krenzel's Answer
1:12:46 Mr. Vaughn's Answer
1:15:49 Fourth Question: What would you do to cut spending in the borough?
1:16:13 Mr. Vaughn's Answer
1:18:19 Mr. Krenzel's Answer
1:21:23 Fifth Question: What are the most pressing issues facing your Administration if elected?
1:21:36 Mr. Krenzel's Answer
1:23:07 Mr. Vaughn's Answer
1:23:52 Mr. Vaughn's Closing Statement
1:29:25 Mr. Krenzel's Closing Statement

Thank you for watching.

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