Very special song on LOVE. Get inspired and share! :)

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The lyrics:

Love is so...

Oh, yes, Love is so:
It's Light shining bright,
The wish just to give
And nothing request.

Oh, yes, Love is so:
Light rays in the Heart,
Unequalled Forgiving,
And full Gratitude.

Yes, Love is more than just a feeling.
It's Peace, it's Light and Harmony.
And always Love is on the watch
For what does good to each of Us.

So Love is Respect
And Freedom outright,
Love's the right to Be,
all free from restraints.

Yes, Love is so Kind,
It's Benevolent,
It's true Happiness
That spreads all around.

Well, Love knows not what shame might be,
For Beauty's all that it can see!
Love's foreign to seeing critically,
So no letdowns, when you're in Love's hands.

Yes, Love never blames,
Nor places any charge;
It just spreads wellbeing,
So naturally!

And Humble Love is,
In silence it acts;
It always takes heart,
It knows no dispair.

Oh! Love's not blind, though some say so,
Love takes good notice of the world;
And being ego-free, Love can
just understand, rather than censure!

There's no 'boss' in Love,
Love just embraces all;
T'inspires and moves,
It's a state of Bliss!

Yes, Love is above
The good-bad duet,
Love's the Divine touch
that makes us all ONE!

Oh, yes, Love is so:
It's sweet living on,
It's Heaven in reach
For you and for me!

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