What happens in Washington impacts the arts community in more fundamental ways than people often realize. Beyond direct public funding, a wide range of decisions impact both the structures of the music economy and more basic, day to day issues like health care, transportation, housing, and the role of arts in education. The federal government is seeking to spur and engage arts stakeholders, including musicians, in decisions about how neighborhoods and metro regions should grow and change. A panel of administration officials will discuss their work and its relevance to artists and music community.

Candace Katz, Deputy Director, President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities
Dan Lurie, Senior Advisor to the Chairman / Director of Strategic Partnerships, National Endowment for the Arts
Michael Bracy, Policy Director, Future of Music Coalition (moderator)

This panel was recorded live in Washington, DC at Georgetown University on October 4, 2011 during Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit 2011.

Event website: futureofmusic.org/events/future-music-policy-summit-2011

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