Masaru is trying to figure out what type of movie he should make for his final project in Japanese class. He even consults Ebi-chan, the inspirational model used in a Japanese McDonald's "Filet o' Shrimp" sandwich advertisement. Suddenly, his friends from past film projects come barging in, hoping to contribute themselves (and their ideas) to his film project.

The last part of this movie is a parody of the Japanese drama Nobuta wo Produce.

This is my final project for AP Japanese in San Dieguito Academy in Encinitas, CA. This film is my favorite editing-wise (both video and music), but I feel it lacks in the overall story due to its segmented nature and inside jokes with my intended audience. This movie combines many aspects of different films I would have liked to make in my Japanese class.

My friends in Japanese class were my intended audience, as it would be the last film I make for them.

Fun Facts: Ebi-chan was our class idol and an inspiration to many of my classmates. They were very worried when she was "missing" for a few weeks during the shooting of this film.
Jacob is the only actor (besides me) who has had any formal Japanese language training.
Though I had shot the pirate scene footage, I did not include it in the submitted final project. The pirate scene was added in later after I graduated high school.
Keep watching until after the credits for the conclusion.

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