Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Four candidates are running for two seats on Caldwell's Council. John Kelley, Joe Norton, Doug Piazza, and Frank Rodgers have shared their vision and intentions for our downtown if elected. We hope their answers to the following six questions will be helpful to you as you consider your choices.

(At time marker 1:03) In it’s “Complete Streets” policy, the NJDOT states that creating a pedestrian friendly climate is an essential foundation for a thriving downtown. It improves economic conditions for local businesses, attracts new businesses, and increases residential property values. What problems do you see in downtown today that are preventing Caldwell from becoming a pedestrian friendly village? What specific actions will you take as a Councilman to create a pedestrian friendly environment?

(At time marker 12:52) A visually appealing, well maintained downtown creates an inviting environment for businesses, shoppers, workers and visitors and conveys a positive image about Caldwell and all it has to offer. Please share your aesthetic vision of downtown Caldwell and steps you would consider to make your vision a reality.

(At time marker 22:49) Caldwell is a small, charming, turn of the century town rich in history. That differentiates us from other communities and shopping destinations. But, over the years, we’ve lost many historic buildings, such as the Monomonock Inn. How important do you think it is to preserve the past in order to create future prosperity? What ideas do you have for enhancing Caldwell’s desirability by embracing our heritage?

(At time marker 28:58) Historically important, The Caldwell Green was deeded to the Borough of Caldwell by the First Presbyterian Church and is adjacent to our Andrew Carnegie Library. Underutilized in its current state, it is the only passive use open space in our downtown. Do you see The Green as having potential to become a usable public space – a center of community in our downtown?

(At time marker 35:15) Many communities throughout the state and across the country use Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) to improve and revitalize their downtowns. Would you advocate establishing a BID in downtown Caldwell? Please tell us why or why not?

(At time marker 41:55 ) What is needed to create a vibrant downtown Caldwell?

Project Main Street is a nonprofit, nongovernmental and nonpartisan organization comprised of volunteers committed to improving the economic, historic, and cultural and vitality of Caldwell's downtown. Join us! Like Project Main Street on Facebook, learn more at Projectmainst.blogspot.com, or contact us at Projectmainst@gmail.com.

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