Cajun was found starving and freezing below a cell tower on the res at Montezuma Creek last February. She was rescued by a dog loving tower inspector named Shawn, brought to Moab for adopting, and delivered straight to my driveway. The vet said she was about three months old.

She figured out how to be a good crag dog pretty quick. But since the day we got this smart little res dog, our dream has been to take her up to the Tombstone and train her to run back down by herself after we jump. To become a base dog!

It's about a half hour hike through desert canyons to the top of the Tombstone. I have lost people on the way down after jumping and leaving them on the top. Several people.

For the last 9 months, Cajun has been training for this project. Her first walks were on that trail, and now at one year old, she knows the Tombstone hike as well as she knows her own yard.

After a few suspenseful attempts....Cajun the Base Dog sent!!! On her first birthday!

(That's not a prototype canine GPS unit on puppy's neck, it's a citronella squirt collar for her most ultimate project: learning how to not bark at anything, ever! Our next big dream.)

All footage shot with GoPro Hero HD by Steph Davis and Mario Richard

Thanks to and Clif Bar

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