I remember my first time perfectly. I remember the whole week leading up to the day that I was going to run Gorilla. I remember sitting around watching television and then noticing my heart rate had jumped to a racing level and my hands were twitching and nervous. I would awake from my day dream knowing that I was thinking about running Gorilla for the first time.

The run itself is somewhat of a blur. I remember all the set up going perfectly but once I dropped through the notch I don't remember a thing until I came down the slides below the drop and I was already yelling at the top of my lungs as I hit the pool at the bottom of Nieces pieces.

Bo Eakens (a legend in southeast paddling) was standing on the rocks at the bottom of the slides. As I came down he was watching and smiling as I paddled into the eddie. He looked at me and said, "first time isn't it?"

Its a right of passage of the creek boater in the southeast. Its been 20 years now since that first time and I still get a good buzz when I run it. I also get a great vibe when I see others get that experience of running it for the first time.

I didn't even get his name but I got his buzz. Feeling it for the first time and sharing it with us all. Its the spunky aroma of pheromones.

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