The Gopro HD2 is claiming to be 2 times better then the GoPro HD1. is it?

simple answer seems to be yes and heres why...

It is useing a better lens for a sharper image
The Colour Rendering has been very much improved
It appears to have a better Dynamic range, (im not sure if it is supposed to)
The Menu is finally USABLE! and simple
There is far less Aliasing, however it is still quite prominant
There is a HDMI output and Microphone input
There is far less noise, however i dont see an amazing improvment in low light if any. However i used to find the go pro HD1 very good in bright daylight situations..only. The HD2 is far batter inside and on cloudy days as u can see.
The light metering seems to be very much improved and there is very little to no aperature flick as it stops up/down. This was terrible on the HD1.

If you ask me it is twice as good :)

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