This video was a test to see what kinda shots could be gathered using the aerial filming rig that I designed and built. That was its only purpose. There is no groom because this was a photo shoot that took place 3 months after the wedding was over. (the photographer is a friend of mine, who let me come along to film.) I filmed this in less than 45 minutes.

Close to 6 months of preparations went into the design and building of the rig that I used to film this video. Many trials/errors were experienced before finally achieving success.

I am beyond excited about the future projects that I will be able to film, capturing shots that are simply not possible using traditional methods and equipment.

Thanks to Erica Loudon for working with us. Not only did she do an amazing job during the filming, she was really fun to hang out with during the down time between takes.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Jamie Jansen. He is the reason that I had the opportunity to work with Erica. Jamie was the photographer for Erica's wedding....check out his website: His skill as a professional photographer is clearly evident in the images that he produces. Jamie is not only a great photographer, he is also a great friend. Thanks for everything bro!

anyone interested in this type of video feel free to contact me at:

or visit my website at:

Hope you enjoyed it.......Thanks for watching!

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